Guide to Cooking and Preparing Food the Right Way

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Cooking may seem easy when you look at it but the truth is it involves a lot of hard work. When you are cooking food, you are not only putting them inside the pan and stirring them, you are also cutting the food, curing the meat and peeling them. The preparation in fact is 50 percent of the whole procedure.

Preparing and cooking the food will take a while to master especially when you don’t have much experience doing it. But you don’t have to take the hard road and learn the lesson the hard way. By heeding these small pieces of advice, you can be cooking and preparing your food the right way and in the easiest possible way.

1. Master the measurements

Measuring tools are actually your best friends next to recipes. They are the ones that will help you achieve the taste that you are looking for. If you use them well, you will be having great tasting food every time. You see, a lot depend on the measurements that you do. Too little salt will make the food bland while too much of it will make the flavor too salty. Too much flour will make the food taste like flour.

The balance that you achieve with your ingredients will help you a lot in coming up with a dish that your family will be able to eat. That is why it is important to invest in good measuring tools like a set of measuring cups and spoons. This is the standard measurements that recipes use and you need these tools to help you put the right amount of ingredients into the dish that you are cooking. You can use ordinary tablespoons and coffee cups but the measurement will not be the same. Remember that the taste of you dish will depend on the precision of your measurements.

2. Follow the time After you have measured the ingredients well, make sure that you are following the instructions in the recipe to the letter. Pay close attention to the time that is often indicated in the recipes. If it says 15 minutes, then let it simmer for 15 minutes. No more, no less. You cannot just stop the procedure just because you feel like it. The time is there for a reason and unless you are a sous chef, you cannot just change it at your will.

To ensure that you are following the procedures to the letter especially with the time, put a timer near you. Use the ones that you can set to alarm after a number of minutes. That way, you will be reminded of the time. If you do not have a timer, then a clock is a good alternative. If it alarms, better. If not, then you should just rely on your memory.

3. Use the right ingredients Never ever substitute one ingredient from another. This will only complicate the process and also the taste. Although the ingredients may seem the same, the end result may not be as each gives different texture and taste. For instance, substituting one part of a beef, for instance a sirloin to a shank, to another is not a good idea. They may be both beef but sirloins are a lot leaner as compared to the shank which may have fats in between
the meat. The oil from these fats may interfere with your flavoring.

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